Roomline Chamfered Architrave | 60mm | White

Product Code QSKC60 Category

Length: 5500mm (3-parts) | Height: 60mm | Colour: White |Construction: Plastic

The Roomline Chamfered PVC Architrave Door Kit is 5.5 metres in total length, made up of 2 x 2.1 metre lengths and 1 x 1.3 metre length as standard, to accommodate most modern doors.

The Architrave in this Door Kit is high-quality, low-maintenance PVC and has been designed to be durable and long-lasting. A simple wipe down will retain the good-as-new appearance and it will never need sanding or painting. This is extremely helpful when it comes to installation, allowing you to get the job done quickly and easily.  You won’t require any nails as the architrave can be adhered directly to your wall using glue, silicone or caulk.


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