Hardex V Collection Space

Product Code QMBHV05 Category
Length Width Thickness Weight
2.5m 60cm 9mm 6.25kg

Product Details:

  • Sturdy interior wall cladding
  • Heavy Duty Hollow Construction
  • Tongue & Groove Fitting
  • Pilot Holes Pre Drilled for Installation
  • Panels Sold Individually

Panel Dimensions:
Length 2.5m, Width 60cm, Thickness 9mm


Material Composition:
PVC resin powder: 78.00%
Ca/Zn stabilizer: 2.80%
Calcium Carbonate: 3.60%
ACR: 4.20%
Tio2 pigment: 3.50%
Wood powder: 7.90%
Lead Based: No
UV Protected: No

Cleaning & Maintenance:
WPC panelling should only be cleaned using a hard surface cleaner or any other non-abrasive cleaner.
Any cleaner or detergent which contains bleach must not be used.
Acetone, halogenated carbon hydrates, esters, ketones, ethers and alcohols should not be used.

Storage & Handling:
Store flat, otherwise no specific handling or storage requirements


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